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What are the Top Questions and Misconceptions about Business Credit?

A Paydex Score means I have "perfect business credit"

Nothing could be farther from the truth, this nonsense is perpetuated by the low end do it yourself e-books and old members of TrueBuild when this was closer to being the truth in the early 2000's. Now more than ever, the most important facet of real business credit is your Experian Intelliscore which has a true scoring model similar to a FICO score. Secondly, a "Paydex" score is the very beginning of true business credit ratings. All you have to do to obtain one is pay for three purchases on time for $50, yes a child can do that. To get fully rated with DNB, which actually does matter, you will have to have many high dollar trades and there is a combination of factors that go into high dollar leasing and cash credit available based on your DNB scores. So how is this done? With a real Program like TrueBuild. We can even add $2500-$5k trades to your DNB if necessary to begin your rating process within 30 days!

Why Can't I do this Myself?

Well you might be able to yes, but 18 years of experience lets us know that you will probably do more wrong than anything. Most small businesses will get a solicitation from DNB Credibility Corporation and think they are building business credit. Then the clerk at this selling arm of DNB will tell you to go to "commonly known office supply stores" and the like to take advantage of your shiny new Paydex score. This is the most common mistake and has serious consequences that will take months to fix. The same with low-end programs. Since a 12 year old can get a Paydex score, and the assumption is that once you have this "perfect" business credit, Staples and Office Depot will be begging to give you credit, and it will work right? Wrong... years ago when DNB started "selling" business credit themselves, CitiBank, that underwrites these and Billions of dollars in NO-PG credit to companies, started using Experian. So what happens when you get declined and are baffled?... Well, you also just destroyed your Experian score with inquiries. So we scratch our head and repeat the same madness trying other places, again underwritten by CitiBank or GE Capital. Ever heard of business credit cards from Lowe's, Home Depot? The list goes on and on and ALL of them use Experian. So can you build your Experian scores yourself? What about if you have a mistake, multiple files, or liens? In 18 years, we have yet to see a "perfect" business credit score without some sort of mistake on the Experian files. How do you fix it? Well, that's why its a little harder to do it yourself. Now that you know DNB is not the only thing that matters, what are the other mistakes we make?

I joined a service and got nowhere, is this a scam?

Well if you read the last FAQ, then you might understand a little more about why. So what is the first thing you should do? If you joined another service undoubtedly you are obsessed with your "perfect" Paydex" score that you can't get approvals with. When you join TrueBuild the first thing we do is look at both your Experian and DNB scores together. Most likely if you don't even have some BASIC credit cards like gas cards, office supply cards, etc then you have issues with Experian and cannot get approved even with CitiBank cards, much less move on into higher levels of credit.

So I read on a forum that there is no more cash credit.

Well you didn't read that from one of our clients. You read it by a self professed expert that has the time to "chat" online and in forums about building business credit. Look, this is for REAL companies that don't have the time for that and want results. A little common sense understands the largest company that has been around the longest and has done this over 38,000 times probably knows what they are doing by now. A little more so than someone without a company that has done it once and is doing this just because they have bad personal credit and obviously a lot of time on their hands.

What are the requirements or what would stop me from getting results?

Well one thing we hope they taught us in school, (but maybe they didn't) is that to have good credit you have to pay your bills on time. That should go without saying, but you cannot imagine the amount of clients over the years that think we can do miracles but cannot pay any credit extended to them on time. With that being said, if you have past liens, delinquencies, judgments, slow pays... TrueBuild is your one stop for all things Business Credit and we will either charge you a very minimal fee to have them removed or walk you through how to do it on your own as a member. Yes we can confidently say that no-one knows more about how to FIX business credit than we do. If you have an active corporation, and are not flagged as being a shelf corporation, then we can fix it for you. BUT you must pay your bills on time or you will be in a never ending cycle of bad business and probably personal credit.

I have good personal credit. How does this help me?

Well let's say you have great personal credit, despite what you may read elsewhere we are going to tell you exactly how this works. Remember 15 years ago when we didn't know our FICO scores... well your business has a combined FICO score. SO what is this score and how come there is all this hype about separating personal and business credit? Well they are separate and apart, BUT Fair Isaac has a model used by anyone and everyone that offers lines of credit over $100k and has less than $10 Million in revenue. Under $10 Million in revenue they want to know the owner's whole picture. So when we have a 750+ score with no business credit, we can get approved for "business" credit cards (really just personal cards with our business name on them fully approved by our personal FICO scores) for several maybe even tens of thousands, but that's it! Now bring the RAW data from DNB, Experian, and Equifax Business Bureaus into the equation that is handed over to Fair Isaac and Voila!.. You now know more than any branch banker that you will ever talk to. Yes the Harvard and Yale triple PhD's are pretty smart so in the boardrooms at Wells, Chase, or PNC, they use your Business FICO score to spit out $150k LOC's by the billions every month. Yes to owners, just like you, that know how this works and have good personal credit and fully rated business credit to back it up. Don't believe it? You can always check out Fair Isaac yourself but without a PhD, its a hard read HERE. So by joining TrueBuild and making sure your Business Credit is phenomenal, you can match up both sides of the pyramid and get approvals you could not dream of with your personal credit alone.

OK. So why is your price so much less than competitors that don't get the same results, or companies out of Vegas charging thousands?

Well first off, we save money by not gambling and pay our bills. Meaning we are efficient and hire and train only the best. We are led by the best. In 2001 if you had "googled" business credit, there were literally 2 companies offering this service. You guessed it! We were one of them. The other sold his company for millions and is on an island somewhere. Thousands of sites have come and gone over the years, however, we offer a rock solid VALUE.

Do I do the work myself, will someone be there to guide me?

YES, you will have the direct line to a college graduate (probably in business finance) that is just as excited about your success as you are. However, it is not a program that can be abused. If, as mentioned you don't pay your bills or credit lines that have been granted to your company, we CAN help, but you will have to make sure it doesn't happen repeatedly or we will have to cancel your program or offer an upgrade to an unlimited dispute program for a few hundred more. Please pay your bills on time but more importantly don't blame TrueBuild if you can't, this is grade school common sense and we are here to help small companies that are serious.

Do I have to have a valid LLC, or Corporation?

Yes you do, an EIN only will result in very limited results. We can assist you in dealing with the secretary of state in a very basic fashion OR you can pay a simple $39 plus the state fees to get incorporated. However, remember that each state has their own timelines that we are not responsible for. For example, here in California the process can take up to a few months. BUT once we have picked out your corporation name, you can and WANT to start getting basic approvals immediately as we wait for the official paperwork.

I saw a program that said NO MONEY up front?

Well really? So when you put in your credit card information, what exactly does that mean? We are business owners we don't buy $5 "free" with shipping an handling vitamins and not expect our credit card to be hammered every month. That is why we assist and help you through this program. So that you understand the mistakes that 90% of owners make when trying to do this with bad information, an outdated program (It's 2018 by the way right now) or simple sales nonsense. We will help you get approved for every known credit line that is extended to companies without a personal guarantee in this country and to that end we spend more on research than any and every other company COMBINED, every month.

So do you do the work FOR me?

This is a guided program, but we reserve the right to cancel your program minus an admin fee of $295 at anytime if the service levels are abused. Why do we have to do this? Well, we need to help each and every client equally and it goes without saying that some want it ALL for nothing. So when we have to do disputes for bills not paid on time when building credit it is frustrating for everyone, BUT it can and does happen. We are humans and are here to help. Sometimes a select few clients may believe they know more than we do, so in these cases it is not worth anyone's time to argue the point or waste time trying to help.

Are there any UP charges with your Program?

Yes and NO. Simple disputes, merges, updates, and things that a normal company may need to make sure their business credit is polished and shining perfect are normal and we are glad to help. Tax Liens, Judgments, Major Issues, or Credit Issues that arise form Approvals we get for you are a little more frustrating and more difficult. Can we get these all fixed? Absolutely, but it will be an upgrade of a few hundred dollars for extra levels of service, or if we need to do it all for you. This is just plain English common sense, to have an actual EXPERT at your disposal that is educated both formally and intensive in house training costs real money, so use it WISELY.

What about some of the TrueBuild competitors, I saw one with hundreds of positive testimonials?

In our industry, since we founded it and have been here since the beginning, we have seen some pretty ugly stuff come and go over the years. If a site (this is 100% true) pays for hundreds of fake testimonials, and they are very easy to pick out if you are in the industry, then how can you trust them? At their very core they lie so why would you want to do business with them? We have never once even considered paying for outsourcing to foreign countries hundreds of paid for testimonials to pump up our reputation. Our clients and results are real. On the last look some companies have things like "Great Hotel, 5 stars ++", or "Amazing Purse love it 5 Stars!!!" Did they forget to tell the liars to make sure that these client testimonials were at least related to the business they were in, Business Credit? Things on the Internet are not as they always seem! We have a few complaints, with 38k clients and 18 years in business who wouldn't? But we take a long hard look at what we could do better and respond appropriately. Sometimes, as you might be able to attest in your own life, people can seem crazy but we do the absolute very best we can to deliver a no nonsense reality to building and getting business credit. We have found that as entrepreneurs we deserve the truth and nothing fake.

So what can I REALLY achieve with business credit and very poor personal credit?

Well first, never completely let go of your personal credit, you will have to fix it someday. So even if your problems seem insurmountable, remember that time fixes all and although we hope business credit can give you a new lease on life, it certainly can LEASE what you need!! Cash credit is harder today than it was in the early 2000's when we could get you a 411 and a Paydex, and Key Bank would hand you $25k or Home Depot would give you a MasterCard for $30k. In today's real world, there IS cash credit, but you NEED a real and high horsepower program with the tools to achieve this. What you probably also need is what you haven't thought of yet. When we ask a client what would they DO with $50k, $100k or more, what is usually the answer? Well they need this...they need STUFF! Everything, yes almost everything, you will ever need to run a business, you can procure using business credit. A fully rated company can almost lease thin air. In real world terms this means that equipment, software, programming, websites, planes, trains, computers, auto, forklifts, trucks, cups, the office sink, we mean just about anything, can be leased with good business credit. You can lease a large office without risking your personal, you can lease almost ANYTHING. The one thing you can't do sometimes, is pay yourself as that needs cash. SO keep your cash flow tight to your heart because we want you to succeed and we have the real tools to help you within reality and reason.

What are some of the APPROVALS you had this week?

How about 40 Ford Transit vans for hundreds of thousands, Big Rigs, $250k in servers, the list can go on ad infinitum. We have untold amounts of BASIC business credit cards from all the major gas stations, office supply companies, retail stores in the tens and hundreds of thousands EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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