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True Build Credit Reviews - Client Success Stories!

Jim Miller-Miller Strapping & Supplies

Michael Schooner-Sun Valley Consulting

 Randy Barkley-Foothill Landscaping, Inc.

Dell $10K, Office Depot $5K, Office Furniture $5K, Printing & Supply credit lines $25K, Xerox $7K Business Loan $65k unsecured, non-equity at fixed 6.33% $45K in terms from local suppliers, $5K Home Depot, $3K Lowe's & company leased Ford F350
"I've been selling for my company making them money for years. All I needed was to get a home office set-up with a fax machine, computers, software, phone lines and all the stuff I needed. As you know I couldn't get anything with my personal credit. I got everything and it was like a dream, I just wanted to thank you guys!" "I've always had good credit, so I did allot of research before applying for any business loans. I found out that if I had a Paydex score it could drop the loan rate by 6%! I not only used the FT program to build a Paydex but they understood I wanted the right loan and pointed me in the right direction. I figure it saved me about $400 a month and at least $25k in interest"  "Talk about creative financing! You guys have no idea what you have been able to do for me. I had a partnership go bad and had more collections than I could count. There is NO WAY I could have gotten off the ground without your help. I have Net accounts to get all the concrete, materials, & supplies I need and Mike helped me lease a new F350 in the business name!
FICO Score 540 FICO Score 720 FICO Score 610

"I just want to thank you for helping me establish my business credit as offered. I was getting all these offers in the mail from credit card companies saying that I was approved for up-to $100K business card or line of credit but it was bull. They would send the card with a few thousand and a high interest rate. This is my first business but I've always kept good credit. There was no way I was going to mortgage my house and I already took out a loan to get started. Not until I understood that I could have a separate business rating did I understand what these people where looking for. Not only that but it made it a hundred times easier when I needed a few more wholesalers and to get them to give me terms. In a world full of hogwash I found a service that really worked, IN NO WAY did I think for a few hundred bucks would it help this much but what did I have to lose" 

William S, San Antonio, TX

"By using the CCN credit building program, I was able to get the loan for the commercial truck that I have been trying to buy for the last three years and was unable because of my personal credit challenges. Thank you, now my business is booming."

John S. – Eagle Pass, TX

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the services so far. I've been in business for about a year now and always refused to give up. I've been trying to get an SBA or business loan for about 6 months and have sacrificed everything to stay alive, we've worked with the SBDC's and all the organizations we could think of but got no where because of my poor credit, even then as we struggled to keep the business afloat the credit only got worse. Everyone loves our business plan but it seemed useless. Thanks for finally giving us that lifeline and some hope now that we are on the right track. I would absolutely recommend CCN to anyone serious about starting a business.
Thanks Again

Nicole K. - San Diego, CA

"I think the service that you and your staff have provided for me and my company is great. I am halfway there. Keep up the good work. I would recommend you guys to anyone." 

Lisa C.. San Antonio, TX

I just wanted to compliment you on your service at this site. I have already told other people about this site and told them to get started on their road to good business credit also. I think you are helping people out more than you realize. Thanks again.

Paul M. - Ft. Worth, TX

As a contractor for 11 years I've always prided myself  in referrals and the quality of my work, that's why I'm taking the time to write you guys and your representative Sherri was so nice I thought I'd give her a pat on the back too. Anyway I screwed my credit up years ago and have always had to pay cash, except for the few yards that new me. and friends of my dad CCN Credit helped me get a business credit file, Sherri showed me how to get the yards I've been using to report that I pay on time and in about 5 months I got my first Home Depot card with a $5,000 credit card. If your in my trade and work by yourself you understand what a help that is! Thanks Sherri, hope to meet you someday.

Dan, Carmichael, CA

I am very new to business credit, although I have been in business for years. You service has not just done the work for me, but taught me along the way so I can continue to build credit with my company." 
Myrna L. –Mackinaw, MI

"I recently was approved for a new credit card and I'm just writing to thank you for it. You have given me the opportunity to establish some good credit. I wouldn't have been able to get a credit card any other way.. You have provided me with a great opportunity" 

Lisa, Honolulu, HI


I have just logged into the new TrueBuildSM Corporate Credit Program and I am completely blown away. I had a coach before from another service but they kept yanking my chain when I asked about financing and credit cards. I was literally getting no where and they kept blaming me about doing this or that nonsense. I had so many unanswered questions that I searched and searched for and could never find the answers to. Every time I called my “coach” from BCS, I ended up getting the wrong information. I even joined this makeover service junk and couldn’t believe it was such crap that I started to think that this business credit was nothing but a scam. After becoming a member of TrueBuildSM, every question I had has been answered. This program is amazing. I just got 5 more business credit cards and all I can say is yeahah baby! Can’t wait to update my file on MyPaydex and see what the guys on the next levels are doing!!!!

Martin Delorini
Member Since 01/08

The TrueBuildSM Credit Program is hands down the most robust and well organized source of business credit information I have ever laid my eyes on! I have only been working with them for 2 months and have already established credit files with all three credit bureaus, have a Paydex of 85 and an Intelliscore of 90. Every other service I tried before TrueBuildSM Credit just gave me the run-a-round with bogus information with no results. The TrueBuildSM Credit Program delivers results!! I just got a Dell account approved for 10K and a Home Depot account for 5K. Without the inside information and tips that TrueBuildSM Credit gave me, I would never have gotten to where I am at today. I am so excited and can see my business dreams coming to fruition. Within two months, I will have the loan I need to take my business to the next level.

Michael Blanco
Members Since 01/08

I’ve been doing this for a while now and thought because I had a ton of basic vendor accounts and trades then I hit a wall and couldn’t find any online where I could get an actual REAL business credit card not a store card. Having a bunch of accounts is great but I had been building my biz credit for a year now and no cash even though I found a million people who said they could do this and that and it was BS. None of them had actually even done it themselves for real just resold me the same crap. TrueBuildSM got me over the top finally thanks to Mike who has obviously been doing this for a long time and knows his shit. Got a Porsche Turbo, no PG, 3 REAL visa/MC and one they sent ME the invitation for a 50 grand credit card.. I said accept. For real, for real!  Yeah TrueBuildSM is the real freaking deal, trust me I tried B2* and BusinesFi**** and it was nothing but bullshit. It makes sense that they got all their info from Mike and TrueBuildSM and he even showed me the old crap that was dated that he wrote himself that they were still selling. I’m straight now. Thanks TrueBuildSM!

Dwayne Foontas
Member Since 9/07

Alex Humphrey
Humphrey Auto Supply

William Madison
East End Financial Consulting

 Eric Gilbert
Minds Eye Design

Dell $35K, Home Depot MC $15K, Office Depot $5K, Exxon $7K, BP $5K, Unsecured Business Loan $50K unsecured, non-equity at fixed 6.25% $150 K LOC with Wells Fargo, Lowe's $5K, Home Depot $10K, Office Max $5K
“I submitted a form CCN to inquire more about the services they offer. A man by the name of Rallie, responded within the hour and gave me an in depth explanation of exactly what CCN could do for my business. The 15 minutes I spent on the phone with him and subsequently deciding to sign up with CCN has been the best business decision I have ever made. Within three months, I had gotten approved for over $45K in retail credit cards alone.” “I had spent the last six months scouring the internet to find a legitimate company that could help me build my business credit so I could get a loan. My personal credit is mediocre, around a 615, and I have been using the last of my home equity line to keep my business afloat. When I came across The TrueBuild website. Within a month, I had established an 80 Paydex score with Dun and Bradstreet and an 81 Intelliscore with Experian. I also got my first micro loan for $50K because of the business credit file that CCN helped me build and subsequently telling me where to apply.” “When I found CCN, my business was on the verge of collapse. Sales had slowed down and my expenses were on the rise. I decided to give them a shot. I immediately started getting approvals for dozens of retail credit cards. I had an 80 Paydex within 30 days, $50K in approvals within 60 days, and I was approved for $150K loan two months later. The CCN Program really saved my company."
FICO Score 710 FICO Score 615 FICO Score 590


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